This article and video are a must see to fully understand what I have continuously blogged about concerning adopting from over-seas orphanages. Look in the upper left hand corner for the small video button to watch the video.

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I received this email asking for help in locating a interested New Jersey family for the following media story. If you are interested please contact Josh directly…oh..and when the story is published please email me a copy to post here.
South Jersey Magazine is working on an article about large families in the local region. If you have a family with six children or more in Burlington County, Gloucester County, Camden County, Atlantic County or anywhere nearby in South Jersey, please e-mail Josh Mellman at The bigger family you have, …

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This interesting quote passed through my email today ad left me shaking my head in full agreement. It comes from a daily inspirational message
“On this day of your life, sharon, I believe God wants you to know
that just when it looks like life is falling apart, it may
be falling together for the first time.
I have learned to trust the process of life, and not so
much the outcome. Destinations have not nearly as
much value as journeys
So maybe you should let things fall apart at this
juncture if that’s what’s …

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Found this great article on the total transformation website. It certainly rang true for me and describes many of our adopted children.
They really have some great parenting articles there that I always find myself referring to. If you check out the article and like it then sign up for their newsletters.

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Wondering if anybody here is interested in a virtual gold party? A Gold Party is where you gather up all those unused gold pieces sitting in your jewelry box such as broken necklaces , chains , old rings no longer worn , cuff links or earrings maybe missing their mates and cash them in for their gold value.
The rates are lower when you attempt to do this individually but a higher price is given when a group of people do it together.
If this interests you or you …

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On October 7th at 11:51 our son Stephen Meyer died suddenly of cardiac arrest.
He woke with a high fever and was promptly taken to the emergency room. We thought we had caught this illness in time.
Instead , within an hour of getting to the hospital Stephen went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead.
Many of us parents of large adoptive families have children much like Stephen who are at high risk of succumbing to the Swine Flu.
Please be very careful. This flu comes on fast and strong and …

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